• 2016 Ariel Atom 3S

    ModelAtom 3S
    Stock Number90016

    Presenting this 2016 Ariel Atom 3S for sale. The vehicle is in Denver, CO but I decided to list it in Florida because it is on a Florida title and Colorado will not title it (Some states just will not title these).

    This car was built by the previous owner to get the best track times possible and to safely and reliably handle more boost. The K24 engine was rebuilt with Weisco pistons and Saenz connecting rods around 7k miles, it currently has 7390 miles. The injectors were replaced with a Proven Power upgrade. The clutch was upgraded to a 2-disc clutch and the flywheel is from Clutch Masters. The car is currently running on an E85 tune for more power, it shouldn’t be hard to revert it back if you wanted to. Aftermarket gauges were added to the dash for ease of visibility, all functions work fine to my knowledge. I was told the car did 400whp at 9lbs of boost and it’s currently on about 7lbs. The original compression was 10.5:1 and the new Weisco pistons are 10:1.

    The car runs incredibly and it links up great with R888 tires and the factory traction control. I have two sets of wheels and three sets of tires. I also have clear side panels that I never ended up installing. I bought this car to market my business at car shows. I have probably driven it 100 miles since I bought it about a year and a half ago. We replaced a leaking water pump with a brand-new part from TMI Autotech. I am missing a lot of the smaller upgrades that help on the track like the raised rear wing and things like that.

    The car is originally orange, the logos should come off the white wrap pretty cleanly if you want to keep it white.

    I do not know if this car is legal in your state unless you’re in Florida. I would assume you would be fine considering it’s currently on a Florida street title. I do not have any paperwork with this car, unfortunately. The shop that did the work is called Proven Power out of Tampa but I think they only do bikes now.

    Please be patient with your questions, email is best, please. Thank you.

    360 video: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN0vwXm1fnNuu6jqAdS05zWA_ww1t2yZmWAYYjvoZsuOPrfmPpO4Vi3gzijhFXEFw/photo/AF1QipOqaFxUe9OMocFsvJEZMVr_GmwPiCmDBHqhKWZs?key=LVFTeW5ORkg0UE9nZnc3dU4yN1BoTFYzcTUwOWtB

    Black Mountain Motorworks (CO dealer#:45279) Stock number: 90016

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    Please let us know how we can help. We are happy to take additional photos on request. If you think you’re ready to see this vehicle in person, just give us a ring to make an appointment. Thank you.

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